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Training platform and app for your onboarding

Use the eSquirrel business training platform and app for onboarding or professional development.


Certified & Validated

Our awards

HR Award newcomer of the year

Finalists Human Resources Award 2021
Category: "Newcomer of the Year", October 2021

Federal Ministry Republic of Austria - Education, Science and Research

Certified by the ministry of education (Austria)
Seal of approval "Learning Apps", 2021

Comenius EduMedia Seal 2021

Comenius EduMedia Award
Comenius Award, June 2021

Our platform including the use of the eSquirrel business app for onboarding and training your staff is one of the most modern and advanced training platforms on the market. Benefit from our highly personalized offer and provide your employees with a superior onboarding experience. eSquirrel business is a proven concept based on pedagogical principles. The app is also great for practice-based professions.

People Showcaing the Business App
eSquirrel business blended learning platform

Your self-created courses are not public and are only visible to people you invite. In addition, you can access other paid course materials. You can create your own courses via our training plattform and use all the features of eSquirrel business. You also have the option to have us create your own course for you - see pricing packages.


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Webinars and Trainings

Experience the world of eSquirrel business in a personal webinar. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our eSquirrel business training platform and app, and see how onboarding and training can be digitally fun in a live demonstration.

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