Leveling up: The era of digital learning for corporate and organizational success

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. Nevertheless, without the proper guidance and a structured onboarding process as well as training tools, new employees are left unarmed for their day-to-day duties. According to recent studies nearly 90% of employees are not satisfied with their organization's onboarding and training process, which leaves plenty of room for improvement.

Finding ways to leverage your employees’ capabilities, in addition to identifying and using their strengths at the workplace,is the key for any organization's success. For these purposes, digital, mobile and innovative learning platforms are widely being used in corporate and organizational settings. This implementation represents a clear competitive advantage for those who have managed to successfully integrate this into their HR infrastructure.


As such, more interacitve, playful and user-friendly corporate learning methods are said to improve a company's employer branding, through a better onboarding and training experience as well as employee engagement, motivation and overall performance. 


Among many other big players, companies such as Netflix and Google integrate digital learning, onboarding and training into their business processes. Thereby, they focus on trust building activities, developing motivating and inspiring training experiences and place high value on measurability and performance management.

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